• Medical Device Defect Report App

    This application was developed for sales representatives for a medical device company so they can report device defects and malfunctions back to the company's engineering departments.
  • Utility Surveying App

    This application was designed for use by utility company employees in the field surveying structures encroaching on pipelines. It is was designed to run on ruggedized tablets running Windows 7 with the possibility of porting it to Android.
  • Life Insurance Mobile Site

    This mobile web site is used to enroll new customers in a life insurance program sponsored by a financial membership organization. The challenge was to make a process that can be very complicated and involves some personally sensitive information as clear and easy as possible, all while making the user feel comfortable with the process.
  • Logos

    I love making logos. They are the visual equivalent of a haiku and a are a fascinating design problem. They have to be incredibly evocative and help convey and contain the identity of the brand they represent while being almost painfully simple and brief. They have to work equally well on a billboard as they do on a business card. I prefer to design the form before applying colors or flash and, as such, I have rendered in greyscale rather than their full color.
  • Mega Multilingual Word Find

    The challenge: take a simple game mechanic, make it multilingual, make it simple, and make it look interesting. For this project, I took the development team's functional prototype, used it as a launching point, and created the concept for the look and feel. I worked closely with the senior developer to implement the design. Free to download via iTunes [LINK].
  • Word Lubbers

    How do you make Scrabble inspired word game interesting? Add cannons. And pirates. I worked with our developers to implement the interface I designed and tweak the art assets in order to optimize performance.
  • Ultralingua for Windows Phone

    I worked with a 3rd party developer to port Ultralingua's Spanish to English dictionary over to Windows Phone. I created wireframes for the app and the necessary art assets for use in the interface.
  • Ultralingua for WebOS

    The first interface I designed from the ground up was the port Ultralingua's dictionary software over to Palm/HP's WebOS mobile platform. The key was to keep branded look the iOS apps while translating it over to the new OS and making it feel like a native application and complying with WebOS's platform standards.
  • MOJO Promotions

    I'm part of a local DJ collective, called The Legion of Boom, that hosts a weekly event at a local bar. 99.99% of our promotions are carried out via Facebook. As the group's sole designer, I get to come up with the header image for each week's event. This give me the opportunity and creative freedom to put together very silly images meant to grab the attention of invitees. Here is a sampling of my favorites.